Rwanda University Muslim Students Community has its Head quarter to Kigali; It will be able to be transferred decision of the General Assembly. The Muslim Student Community of The University has indeterminate duration.

Our Mission

Create a trustworthy organizational system so that the contribution of muslim students and intellectuals to the development and welfare of Muslim Community in particular and all Rwandan people in general will be highly active and honored.

Our Vission

Rwanda University Muslim Students Community envisions a situation where people are more honoured by the presence of intellectual Muslims. We envision a situation where national and international institutions recognize and value the contributions that Islam and Muslims make to its society.

Our Motto

Righteous deeds, Trustworthy organization, Trust in Allah.

Our Logo

  1. Five columns: symbolizing five pillars of Islam
  2. Open Book: symbolizing knowledge and authority of Qor’an and Sunnat
  3. The sun: symbolizing being exemplary to others in Righteous deeds.

Rumso Objectives

  1. Protect and defend the true image of Islam, to combat any defamation against Islam and encourage fraternal dialogue between civilizations and religions.
  2. To contribute to the development of Muslim community, by nurturing the intellectual, physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual capacities of Muslim students especially and all Muslims in general.
  3. To acknowledge the potentials of the Muslim students within the community and to make use of this potential in order to help the Muslim community progress positively.
  4. To conceive innovative ideas to develop faith, broaden horizons, and induce positive aspirations within the Muslim community.
  5. To provide an opportunity for the Muslim students and Muslim community to partake in physical activities in order to promote teamwork and social interaction.
  6. Unify the efforts of Muslims in view of the challenges especially faced by Muslim students and the Rwandan Muslims in particular as well as the Rwanda population in general.
  7. Promote active participation of Muslim students and all Rwandan Muslims in the development and peace consolidation activities.

Means of action

  1. Sensiblizations
  2. Trainings
  3. literacy
  4. Bénévolat
  5. Cooperation
  6. Mutual assistance